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Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong

The Whole World is already LAUGHING at you for have such a Ridiculous Title……..And yet, he was to have has Voice Heard over the Presidential Election…….Come, WOODY GOH, the People of Singapore have their OWN BRAINS…………We don’t need your advice on this………….

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PE: Voters should scrutinise candidates closely, says ESM Goh

PE: Voters should scrutinise candidates closely, says ESM Goh

PE: Voters should scrutinise candidates closely, says ESM Goh

SINGAPORE: Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong commented for the first time on the upcoming Presidential Election.

He said voters should scrutinise candidates closely and ask if the candidates can deliver on their promises under the constitution.

Mr Goh said he was very much involved in the conceptualisation of the institution of the Elected Presidency in the 1980s. The former Prime Minister also took the Elected President bill through parliament and passed it into law in 1991.

He wants the Office to be occupied by the best person who can rise above partisan politics and strengthen Singapore’s governance framework.

He said the person should also discharge his duties well and serve Singapore selflessly.

Mr Goh said: “As voters, we should look carefully at the attributes required for discharging the duties and responsibilities of the Presidency, and scrutinise the candidates, especially their character, integrity, experience, bearing and gravitas.

"We should also study closely their campaign speeches and postings on social media to know their motivation and how they intend to safeguard Singapore’s interests. In particular, we should ask whether they can deliver their promises under the Constitution. And on Polling Day, vote wisely so that we will have a President who, as Head of State, will make us proud."

Mr Goh added he know the candidates well, as they have worked for or with him at one time or another.


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